Please, take your time to read the following information carefully:

Products returned for exchange MUST NOT be worn. please try on your shoes on a clean and soft surface to avoid the soiling of suede soles. shoes with soiled soles, or shoes which have been used on a hard surface cannot be returned for exchange.

You will be responsible for the shipping costs on exchanged or returned products, except for exchanged items shipped from us to you.

If you are a new customer and decide that you don't want to send in your feet measurements, and order your shoes with a regular size, our return policy WILL NOT apply in case there is a misfit. On the other hand, older customers, or those who have successfully sent in the feet outlines, will be covered by our Return Policy.

Before you send the shoes back, email us at, stating the reasons for your return. You will receive further instructions for returning the shoes.

Shoes must be returned within 4 days after delivery and must be completely clean. Please attach a copy of your receipt and a letter stating the reason for your return.

If you receive the shoes you ordered and they don't have fit or size issues and you decide that you want to make changes this WILL NOT be covered by the exchange and return warranty, so you would need to send the shoes back to our main factory in Colombia for any modification and you may have to pay a modification fee, as a customer you will be responsible for shipping costs.

We will make a new pair of shoes with the necessary corrections without any extra cost. In order to do the latter, nonetheless, we will require you to take pictures of your feet with your shoes on and email them to us, so that we can precisely see the cause of the misfit. This step is crucial in order for us to amend the shoes!

REMEMBER to always make your feet measurements, as explained
here, and email them to us at This will undoubtedly reduce the chances of your shoes not having the right specifications.

When a shoe color combination is considered exotic, the exchange and return warranty does not apply, the customer will be warned.


This product has some special conditions different from the custom made products. Exchanges only apply for manufacturing defects, if the sizing is incorrect, please contact customer service to receive instructions for product exchange warranty and policies. For stock products It IS NOT POSSIBLE to select different materials, heels, colors, cushioning or any other service offered for other products of the company, if customer wants the same model with some customization immediately this order will be considered as custom made and will apply the costs and delivery times for the products made to measure. We will not process any custom order based on stock products until the customer contacts us. The number of products that a customer can order may vary depending on stock quantity availability. Please read the product description before ordering, the stock products have a specific range of sizes, so make sure your size is available.

Customers who own Custom Shoe Lasts can order stock designs, but as we mentioned before, you must contact us first to get all the necessary information regarding the adaptation of the product, delivery times and pricing.

We reserve the right to modify, change, remove or discard any stock product/collection published in our website at will.

Stock products ARE NOT COMPATIBLE with coupons, discounts, promo codes, instructor discounts, promotional campaigns, welcome discounts, birthday discounts or any other discount active now or in the future.

Products with free shipping are limited to the United States continental ground, if the customer is located outside this specific region, the delivery costs must be assumed by the customer.
Some stock products are not eligible for money refund, so please check the extended information tab on every product description to be sure about what products apply for refunds


Customs duties for countries outside the United States must be paid by the customer. Click here for more detailed information on this regard.

However, you must assume the cost for the shipping back to our office in San Diego when returning the shoes.

The address for returned merchandise is:

6878 Navajo Rd unit #86
San Diego California 92119
For further information call us at 786 888 6619, or email us at