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Jorge Nel Giraldo and Milena Buitrago

Jorge Nel Giraldo and Milena Buitrago

have dedicated 40 years to tango. My parents are also excellent dancers of the Argentinian Melody. My father was a shoe manufacturer, therefore I keep the love for tango, and for shoemaking, deep inside.
The best memories of my tender childhood are always in my mind. As I was a small child lying in a little cradle beside my dad's workshop, I saw him make shoes as he was listening to the best tangos of that time. The tango music, as well as the sound of the hammer attaching the shoe soles, are in my mind as a wonderful memory.
At one point in my career as a tango dancer, I got sick and realized that my body was a tool for my work. If I was not physically healthy, I would not be able to make money. That is when I thought of a way of making money without only depending on my body. My father suggested I start selling tango shoes. I thought very hard about it. Selling shoes would take a lot of time and what I really wanted to do was dance. But my dad made me realize that I had to own a business to get an income without needing to depend on my body as a work tool. That is how I started the tango shoe business in 1990. Today, I thank my father who encouraged me to use the tools from my childhood. The Mr. Tango Shoes Company is now known throughout the tango world. With that, I am able to spend part of my time dancing tango and dedicate the rest of my time to the shoe manufacturing business.

Eight years ago I was lucky to meet the woman who is my wife today, Sandra Milena Buitrago. She has been that feminine compliment that tango needs. She is my designer and right hand in the business. Thanks to her I have grown as a dancer, and my business is at its best.
As dancers, we know how to make a tango dancing shoe which meets the following requirements.

• High quality materials
• Softness
• Flexibility
• Attractive designs
• Fair prices

About Mr. Tango Shoes Materials

Used by fashion houses and luxury leather designers such as Burberry, Kenneth Cole, and Tribeca, TUMI and SOLO, Colombian leather is famous for being an exceptionally durable leather that is both very soft, and very strong. Colombian leather goods manufacturers, like Mr. Tango Shoes, combine expert craftsmanship adopted from the Italian leather industry, with the affordability offered by Colombia's booming indigenous leather industry.

Designers at Mr. Tango Shoes choose leathers and fabrics that are lustrous, soft, supple and durable -- flexible enough to move with a dancer's feet, but strong enough to stay beautiful and comfortable through countless wearings. Unlike tougher, more brittle hides used in the design of many "street shoes", the leather of our tango shoes don't need the uncomfortable "breaking in" time.

Our design department is always keeping an eye on fashion trends around the world, looking for what colors, textures and styles are on the horizon. In that way, Mr. Tango Shoes can offer both "on-trend" colors and materials as well as classic lines, styling and designs.

I want to thank all of my customers and friends who have trusted me as a dancer and shoe manufacturer. Without you, this company would exist.

If you wish to know more about my artistic and personal life, I would be happy to give you my autobiographical book, which I wrote with the help of a great writer, Phillips Barash.


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